Recharged, irritated and determined

On a good note, this weekend had been great. Have always loved exploring the nooks and crannies of Singapore and having been able to do so over the last three days is a blessing=)

Coming back to reality this evening was, on the other hand, completely off-putting. I’ve realised that some people operate entirely according to their own schedule, without realising that other people might have other plans. But oh well, part and parcel of work, I guess.

And, the little episode last week as well as my conversation with G have convinced me that there is absolutely no need to care about what others think sometimes, there is no need to account for everything done to people who do not matter, and that some people are best left unspoken to. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil and thereafter ignore their existence- thats the way to handle them. For our sanity.

Cheers, to another crazy week ahead:p


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