Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me To Hell was one scary joyride.

Some horror films make you shudder with spine-chilling fear- you get so frightened that three hours after, you find yourself looking over your shoulder in the lift, rushing out of the bathroom after taking a super-quick bath where you keep your eyes open as much as possible, combing your hair without looking even once into the mirror, and yeah, you get what I mean.

Drag Me To Hell, thank goodness, makes you feel none of that nonsense. You walk out of the theatre, and you feel like laughing cos’ you realise just how silly you were in the theatre, gasping, gripping the arm of your seat/your bf/gf , and basically acting like a shivering coward peering out of your digits.

The film was just one scare after another, sometimes genuinely eerie, sometimes anime-like shocking and gross. The director doesn’t let you breathe- it’s the next scare before you can get over the current. It was supposed to be a horror-comedy and many in the audience laughed aloud during the show, but I was really too busy being scared to find the humour in anything.

I walked out, slightly weak in the knees, a little green in the face, but somehow feeling oddly light-hearted. I really didn’t like the ending though- the film could have been a silly, entertaining and effective scare fest, but the ending made it, well, less so.

I like the lead actress though. I first saw Alison Lohan in Matchstick Men where she played a 14-year-old when she was 22 years old. She is still as tiny but has progressed to playing a woman in her 20s. Very pretty she might not be, but she has got a spunky quality, and that’s always something worth appreciating in any one=)


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