He has a long-time gf, but has been of late, touchy-feely and giving me lots of over-the-top and out-of-nowhere compliments.

Things came to a head a couple of days ago.

“You know what, i think you are really pretty. And independent and cheerful. How I wish XX is like that as well. Things have been rough”

And as I sat there, listening to his complaints about the poor girl, whom I personally know to be sweet and devoted, I was overwhelmed with a sense of disgust. Why do men always do that? I rejected his offer of a dinner and movie, and left early. I was bothered, really. Is what you have just not enough?

Chap 2, good-looking and talented, had a gf- even while he had one, he would always try to, well, be funny (see story above). Now that he is single, things are worse, and then I realise he has a common attitude towards women in general. Disrespect and disregard. He is good to them when he wants their company and body, or in my case, company and advice. But when he is busy, has something or someone better, he can be downright nasty.

I thought he could be a friend since we work closely, but it suddenly dawned upon me that underneath all his charms, he’s a selfish person who cannot treat women right.  All our conversations revolve around him, his life, his complaints, and at his leisure. I had enough, so I told him to quit complaining. He was darn pissed, but I really can’t be bothered.

Moving on, the film Duplicity. Watch it for Julia Roberts, if for nothing else. She was and remains, my favourite Hollywood actress. Beautiful, glamourous, a sweetheart and a movie star, all at the same time, and a good actress to boot. The director is also behind the equally mind-boggling Michael Clayton https://aserendipitiouslife.wordpress.com/2008/01/22/dan-in-real-lifemichael-clayton/. A nice, witty flick.

Ok, it’s time to get ready!!


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