Hell yeah, it’s Friday!

Let me count the ways I love the beginning of this weekend:)

1) For some reason, the boss told me to go home, 3 hours before my shift was supposed to end. When I asked if it was way too early to pack up, he said: “This is called looking a gift horse in its mouth”  Haha.

2) And thanks to that, I spent Friday night sipping Shiraz, eating wasabi chips, all while listening to good old English ditties at one of my favourite hang-outs, feeling pampered  cos’ the service there is always quite perfect:p

3) Had this incredulous urge to sing so it was off to Cash Box. While waiting, we tried out their arcade machine (I’ve somehow developed a huge fondness for such games)- i’m appalled we can’t go beyond L3 in picture-hunt!

4) It’s my first time to Cash Box- the stereo system isn’t as good as those in Kbox or Party World but we could sing for an hour, and pay just for that hour. Not counting singing to my mum in the living room, I haven’t sang so much, and so loudly in a long while. Shiok.

5) While watching teens queue to pay at the counter, pouring coins and putting together dollar notes, I suddenly realised there is at least one perk to growing older: credit cards. So you look classy, not clumsy when paying=)

6) Strolling along Orchard Road, still singing familiar tunes, chatting about everything and nothing, driving home at 230am- now, that is really a luxury and  I’m glad I got to:)

Took this picture while walking along the shopping stretch. I like Bobbi Brown products and I like the look of this counter- clean, minimal,  anchored by a digital image of a beautiful face.

Meeting the former BS colleagues for dinner later=) We’re now all former employees of that dreaded place. It’s strange how we have only known each other for 6 months. Guess that’s what you call united by a common distaste!


2 responses to “Hell yeah, it’s Friday!

  1. wat does it mean? “Looking a gift horse in its mouth”? Enlighten me please haha… must b something good?

    • aserendipitiouslife

      haha…it means something like u shouldn’t reject a good offer…i’m not 100 per cent sure too! haha

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