Sometimes, they are just in their own world…

Has been a long but very good day. Everything fell into place nicely, and I was kept busy (just nicely so) the past 16 hours.

I slept after 2am the previous day and woke up shortly after 6am- I should be exhausted, but I am not, thanks to the buzz in the nwsroom, an adrenaline high from knowing the day has been well-spent and  a good dose of potent teh bing=)

It was an interesting morning spent at a certain institution, listening to a certain group of people and a certain VIP. All I can say is that sometimes ‘elites ‘ (which’s a term that really, more than half the time, is used by themselves on themselves) really live in their own world, and can have a somewhat deluded sense of self-importance.  I was impressed, not just by their intelligence, but by their inflated egos and their huge need to sound intelligent.

The highlights of the morning- a chap said: “I think the youth of today can be very unconcerned about what’s going on. I mean, for us, the elites (see what I mean??), we read the papers so we know what’s going on. For those in XXX , they won’t know what’s happening.”

First dear, papers are a very common commodity. And secondly, reading papers make a politically active and aware person not.

The greatest takeaway of that morning was discovering the wonders of my latest investment, my Panasonic voice recorder. It records sounds a mile away, clearly and loudly:)

But on the whole, yeah, lots of proper work done, a healthy meal, pretty much as close to a perfectly orchestrated day as can be!


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