The weekend ahead

Ok, not ahead, but right here and now haha.

I’ve recently fallen hard for fei fei wanton mee- I’m there thrice a week for supper haha. Yesterday night was peaceful, got home after work at 930, did some blogging before heading off to my favourite dumpling haunt for a bowl of hot soup and yummy wantons. Was famished considering it was only my second meal of the day (I was so caught up, i kinda forgot my last meal was at 1230pm)

Plans today and tomorrow:

1) Have a good brunch, i woke up just an hour ago, but hey, i slept at 2am la.

2) Head to our floating bed for patriotic coverage- for work though i dun really mind cos’ i do like n’day previews:) And since a free ticket to the celebrations is guaranteed, i am happy!

3) To thomson next for dinner with the jc bunch. I haven’t met them in close to 2 months, and that’s very long by our standards. I miss them!

4) I aim to watch Harry Potter, visit NTUC to use my voucher, grab shoes at Charles & Keith, do my laundry, transfer some money to the mother, do some interviews and finish another story for Mon, hit the gym somehow, sometime, today or tomorrow.

Off for brunch!


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