Do you bump into people you think about?

Over the weekend, something very coincidental happened. I didn’t want to blog about it simply cos’ I don’t want to waste a post on her, but well, I am in front of the comp and i found myself typing away. So here goes.  

I have heard him talk about her so often, and spoke to her with her so often, that I almost feel like I know her. And I’ve sure seen enough pics. From the descriptions and images, I gathered she was tall, slim, not pretty by my books but rather asian-exotic looking (think mindy ong + sheila sim + felicia chin), someone with a dose of attitude, who is independent but is rather childish,  who smokes and is a little of an ah-lian, and can’t spell even if her life depends on it.

As fate would already have it, she happens to be a junior, and happens to be somewhat in my industry- albeit in a position probably at my beck and call.

We nearly met last week but it didn’t happen. I was thinking about it, and tada, when I was in the cafe, eating and drinking happily- all of a sudden- the door swung open, and there she was, standing right in front of me. With her friends. Out of all places. In a far flung cafe.

Don’t ask me how i recognise her, but I just did. I guess she is ok-looking, dresses ok, is slim and about 1.65m tall. But honestly, quite ordinary.  Maybe it’s cos’ i don’t appreciate the bland-sweet-asian look.

Does she recognise me? Probably. Maybe not. I don’t really care.

Spoke to her later, and we were amazed- do we bump into people whom we think about? Magnetic brain waves at work? She said that I ought to remember we are the best though. Haha.

Deep down, I want to meet her proper. Face-to-face, conversation included, just so that she knows just how much. Call it the streak in me:p

Had a great run today, and yes i think I’m going to sign up. After four years, I think it’s in me already. I complain non-stop, but when the time comes, I sign up. Darn.


3 responses to “Do you bump into people you think about?

  1. this is confusing though. Who are all these people? streak? and sign up for?

  2. hmmm.. is “She” a 情敌?

  3. aserendipitiouslife

    close, yan, but not quite haha.
    xi, signing up for the marathon..haven’t done it yet!:)

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