Mio TV selections

Actually, i do miss my HK dramas haha. This is the biggest weakness of mio tv- their hk drama selection is quite awful.

Still, i can’t complain too much cos’ i got other stuff in return. Watched Anger Management (and as much as i dig Adam Sandler, the show is stupid and way-below-funny), Doubt (i tell u, amy adams will be the next julia roberts. Maybe better. The girl can act) and just, Marley & Me. I don’t care what the critics say but i cried buckets. So sad lahz. It makes me feel like having a dog, and then not, cos I probably won’t take it well if it dies on me. Jennifer Aniston looks good in there, i dunno, maybe it’s cos of the hairdo or the clothes, for once, she ain’t Rachel Green.

This week really has been mostly about work- had a couple of little screw-ups, leading my boss to caution me against “losing my touch”. That made me worried- i didn’t know i had a touch in the first place, and boy, if i were to lose whatever little i’ve. Good luck.

Am off to meet the primary school mates fordinner..3 months since we last met, and once more, very long by our standards!


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