I haven’t been blogging…

cos’ i’ve been working…

Been spending the weekends indulging myself in how the nation celebrates its birthday.

My take- too much pyrotechnics lahz. I miss those days where you have this huge section devoted to the singing of national day songs. They give too little credit to the oldies- which is something I can’t quite get. Those songs were AMAZING. Darn.

In any case, i realise you can take me out of school but you can’t quite take the school out of me. Much to the disgust of my colleagues, i sing the national anthem aloud. Ditto for saying the pledge haha. It’s just automatic. I mean, i can’t spend three years telling, egging, doing whatever to get my kids to sing, without showing them how we should belt out the anthem with gutso right?

Bumped into a good number of ex-students, who are now in NS and stuff. And it does feel rather nice when they go “Miss XXXX!!!” =)

On another note, i am really irritated. Everyone has his or her own style of working- if it makes you “damn irritated” because i have a certain way of doing something, it makes me f**king irritated to have you interfere in it.

I am so looking forward to my twin trips in August!!!=)))


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