This post marks the near-demise of my beloved laptop.

It will also probably be the last entry in this blog typed using my good old hardy Acer.

The laptop has been with me since 2005..a good four years. You’ve done well- moved from hall, to hall, and then back to home.

I don’t know why i am getting all sentimental over a piece of metallic junk but so much has been witnessed by it- angry rants on word documents, figures from trips on excel sheets, and folder after folder of pictures.

I can so feel it dying on me, i’ve to wait a good second after each letter i type before it appears, the speaker is going hay-wire and everything is slow, very slow.

So i’ve to decided to buy a new one tonight. 好 舍不得. Think I shall transform it into a hard disk.

Been spending the last hour listening to Lady GaGa. Much as I don’t quite get her, or her “avant garde” sense of fashion, i must say her music rocks haha. Even when it comes out of my haywire speaker- with weird pauses, fuzzy noise etc etc.

Have to go get ready and I am off to Sim Lim. I hate that place, darn.


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