A fantastic start to this month’s PMS

There were 5 of us queuing for a cab on the main road just outside the office.

8.15 pm.

From 815pm to 845 pm, we saw, no kidding, at least ten empty cabs with those flashing green lights.

What these ten empty cabs did in common: Turn on the red “Busy” lights when they drew near us, found a convenient parking lot, parked…and they got me there, I really don’t know what they were thinking.

By the time the first person got on a cab, it was 845pm. I got mine a good 15 mins later. And that, despite all the empty cabs surrounding us.

This is not the first time this has occurred. 

I have only one conclusion. They weren’t having dinner. They didn’t go for a pee. It is three hours to midnight. What they wanted us to do was to call for a cab. For that darn $3.50.

Now, I understand it’s not easy being a cabbie, and it’s hard to earn much, what with the crisis, thousand and one surcharges, and stingy Singaporeans. But that’s just too much.

I am not alone though. While waiting, we, yes five total strangers working in the same huge building, started chatting. We would wait, we would take the train, we would get our bfs/husbands/friends to pick us up, we will wait until the cows come home, and no way are we going to call.

On the way back, I alighted at a bus-stop so I could grab some snacks. And there was something furry and soft, just perhaps 20 cm away from my heeled feet. It was a cat. Just 20 cm more, and I am sure I would have brush my feet against its little nose. Shudder.

So. It was a bad trip home.


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