When Kate Moss used to be hot

I have almost forgotten how much I used to really, really like Kate Moss. Sure, she still is a style icon, and one of the highest-paid supermodels but when I think of Kate Moss now, I think  nipple slips, boob slips, pete doherty and cocaine.

Until I saw this video. A young Kate Moss auditioning for Loreal.

No matter what people had said about her being a waif, a heroin-chic symbol, about her lack of height or breasts, or about how she is ordinary- I’ve always found her beautiful. There is just something about her- an intriguing mixture of hippie-bohemian-devil-may-care nonchalance, all-american blond/tanned attractiveness, a sort of sweetness and a strange vulnerability. It could be her vacant stare, her toothy rather imperfect grin, or her killer cheekbones, I don’t really know. But when she models those clothes, she makes them look cool, mysterious with just the right touch of simmering sensuality.

And then, I recalled that she was with Johnny Depp. Oh my, they were really good together- the same air, the same chiseled features, the same cheekbones. It’s  so sad, when people who look so right together get together , but don’t end up forever and ever. 

When I see them looking so young, so reckless and carefree, I realised that when people age, they lose a certain glow of innocence,  and boldness which comes from knowing how the world is in their hands, and I realised how attractive that glow actually is.

Nothing, not even an air of maturity, sophistication, stability and wisdom can be an adequate replacement for the beauty of youth.  And for this simple reason, we learn to appreciate the other good things that come with age, we embrace new stages with anticipation, but when we look back, there is almost always this nearly inaudible sigh bemourning the loss of those good old days.


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