Maybe the reviews were too good.

But I am not so for the show. I mean, it definitely isn’t bad, but I just didn’t think it deserved to  be called the best pixar film ever.

For one, i am really really irritated by that kid, Russell. Totally not cute, and as opposed to what others say, he just makes me fear I will pop out something as irritating as future.

Some parts are ludicrous, even for a person who is very good at indulging herself in nonsensical fantasies.

But I really really like the love between Carl and Ellie. So sweet, so uncomplicated, so…no strings attached. This pair, and Carl’s devotion, and his final realisation that Ellie wants him to move on..these elements brought tears to my eyes. And man, to have someone’s unwavering hand to hold for the rest of your life, as you read, as you climb the hills, and as you walk- aww.

That, to me, is the love that we all dream of. Sometimes we think we have met the guy of our dreams. Sometimes we have crushes on certain chaps. They could be good-looking, suave, whatever really, and then, we realise that this man will lie, will cheat, his love comes with conditions, and his love is selfish. Some women stupidly press on, cos’ they feel they can change the man, that this time round, the man will settle with her, that the guy is very eligible- good looking, rich and suave.

But me thinks these conditions are all secondary. The man whom I shall willingly spend the rest of my life with shall be one who truly loves me, no strings attached, for who I am=)  

If I sound a bit incoherent, if my sentences are all plagued by lazy construction, that’s cos’ I am down with flu. Shucks. Three days of going back  to work, and now I have the flu. Feeling wooozzzzyyyy..


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