Mon’s over=)

I never knew Mon blues until I started working. And the best thing about today is that everything came and was gone so quickly, I am now just an hour away from the beginning of Tuesday=) That, btw, also means a day less to Sat haha.

Woke up pretty much on time, got ready on time (you see, I can be such a procrastinator I consider it a good morning if I wake up, get ready and leave the house on time), I nearly got lost thanks to my sense of direction- instead of heading towards chjimes, I happily went towards substation. I probably thought I was heading to timbre but I got to the event on time!

Today’s event was…run-of-the-mill…but the highlight was really lunch, sipping teh, eating nasi lemak while watching the City Hall girls make their way for lunch. I kinda realised I have never truly been in the corporate world. As a teacher, you are, well, a teacher. What I am doing now doesn’t count. The closest I have been was my six months stint in PR, and you all know how it turned out. It is a half-half thing- on one hand, i think girls in heels and power suits look really hot, and it must feel good being queen in the office. On the other, the thought of dressing up, then being in the office all day long, surrounded by documents (paper and digital), and then attending countless meetings, all without going out for fresh air, it’s just not me. Well, we will see:)

Work was a mad rush but everything proceeded smoothly and I had my favourite aglio olio with ham and fresh orange juice for dinner. Yumz.

The only not-so-good thing of the day was that I rejected their attempts to organise an outing again. I feel bad, but I am really tired, and I really am not close to them. If it was me last year, I would go if they asked me the third time. But because of my new year resolution to live more for myself and care less about what others think, I said no.

Took a cab back ( I am  supposed to save..but it was close to 10pm lahz), washed up, did some laundry, and am now in the process of just typing away, eye masks on eye bags keke.

Recommendation of the day: the Face Shop Raspberry Roots Collagen eye mask. Does wonders to relieve tired eyes.

Looking forward to a quick phone conversation, and then an hour, an episode of gossip girls season 2 before hitting the bed.

It feels good knowing that the day has been spent well, and that you’ve been good. Now if the rest of the week is just going to be as smooth- minus the scorching heat, i nearly died walking around town- i will be a satisfied woman:)


6 responses to “Mon’s over=)

  1. talking to who before u sleep?? hahaha

    • aserendipitiouslife

      yan is always fast to catch things hahahah.
      btw, tomorrow is MOE workplan seminar~

      • wanwan… u are evading my qn hahaha… i dun even kNOW it is the workplan seminar… dun really care haha…. well, u better come clean with me soon regarding the night conversation hahaha… will sms u hahahaha

      • aserendipitiouslife

        it is quite dumb actually…hahaa..ur P will tell u morrow bahz…

  2. I have that mask!!!

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