Sometimes, you just don’t know who to trust

Well, that’s the sense I get at least.

I am pretty very transparent. I cry when I want to, laugh out loud in the most inappropriate circumstances, sometimes I speak/act without giving too much thought- tactless and impulsive, or direct and spontaneous- depending on how you see it, and I can be totally bitchy if I want to be but I think with me, most of the time what you see is what you get.

I have been surrounded by people pretty much like that all my life. Through school, through my initial working years.

But in the past one year, I have been gulfed by this strange sense of unease that what you see is usually not what you get with the new people I meet.

I need to be more suspicious.


4 responses to “Sometimes, you just don’t know who to trust

  1. Wow..what happened? Dun need to be suspicious but ya, be careful. It’s the real world!

  2. wanwan… i think sometimes we are all gullible.. haha..

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