Another day in the life of the girl who takes the train

I was standing happily in the middle of a pretty crowded train, checking out my ahem, reflection in the window panes every now and then.

Sensed some motion on my left. Pupil does a quick dart. And I regretted it immediately.

Standing next to me was a teenaged couple, no more than 17, engaging in a very public display of affection. Now, I understand that when you are young, in love, you must find the urge to stick your tongue down each other’s throat very intriguing, but must you really? Every 10 minutes? For a good maybe 30 seconds each time? Next to me? Why me? Am I like invisible? I just answered my own question. I am. Darn.

SMRT must have also recently upped the volume of their announcement system. Maybe there is a spike in the number of passengers who refuse to get off trains. But man, I am not deaf. I blast my i-pod, and I still hear that stupid “City Hall Interchange. Passengers going towards Orchard and Yishun, blah, blah blah” very loudly and clearly. I have extremely sensitive ear nerves and that volume is actually painful. If I go deaf, SMRT, you are, er, 15 per cent responsible.

Lastly, when I happen to be standing in front of an empty seat, and I make absolutely no move to get my ass on that seat, it probably means I see you, your crop of greying hair, and your hungry eyes devouring the seat. So there is absolutely no need to shove your way through to the seat and more importantly, absolutely no need to shove me. The seat will always be yours. In fact, just so you know, I stand in front of it, quite stubbornly, so that you can make your way to it.

Someone, just get me off the train!!!!


2 responses to “Another day in the life of the girl who takes the train

  1. Your mrt stories are always funny hahaha. Chill babe..just breathe. Or get a car. 🙂

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