Blake Lively vs Leighton Meester

Some men say they think I am a man in a cute and sweet package. I don’t know whether to be appalled or flattered, but whatever it is, I really like admiring hot women. Especially when I am stressed.

Men can be good-looking and suave, I can develop huge crushes on them, but when it comes to sheer visual enjoyment, nothing beats a babe with great hair, a great body, nice clothes, and even nicer bags and shoes.

So yeah, a new category to the blog. Hot babes. Since I like them so much haha.  First up, the Gossip Girls. Blake Lively (Serena van der Woodsen) and Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf). Can’t decide who is hotter.

Both in their early 20s, both with fair, flawless skin,both pretty, groomed and stylish. Blake is a lot taller (she is 1.78m tall), and I like her body better. Curvy, leggy, very sexy. She has this golden glow and I love her wavy, tousled hair- it is almost like they have a life of their own. She is like sunshine, if you know what I mean. The kind of girl that men nurse a crush on and women wanna be and who has everything going her way. Leighton is of average height, slim and attractive but she has a somewhat sleepy/cold pair of eyes I don’t really like, and she looks quite stand-offish when she doesn’t smile.

But then, there is Leighton’s beautiful smile. Don’t get me wrong. Blake has a lovely smile, but she still looks the same- pretty, busty and luminous. Leighton’s look has so much more depth- she can appear aloof but when she smiles, her entire face lights up and she is cute, sweet, and radiant, all at once. Most importantly, that girl can act. Blake is fine as Serena, she fits the character perfectly but Leighton, she makes Blair alive. Blair is manipulative, selfish, spoilt and bitchy, but you can’t hate her because you know she is insecure. You feel her vulnerability, her fierce loyalty, her occasional bouts of conscience and her deep love for Chuck.  So it is like comparing a blonde perfect Barbie Doll with an intelligent, beautiful and three-dimensional brunette.

Whatever. Both gorgeous. And their clothes. Both on and off screen. To die for=))


13 responses to “Blake Lively vs Leighton Meester

  1. Leighton is much prettier, and (in my opinion) has a better body.

  2. Leighton.
    Her acting skills are great

  3. Leighton is much more beautiful and sophisticated. But Blake is hotter coz she’s sexy.

  4. Blake is defo sexier

  5. Blake is just damn right hot and so damn attractive! Her whole look is irreistible. Leighton is very pretty herself, but I would choose Blake because she has the whole package (however I only thing Blake is beautiful due to all the surgery she has)

  6. Leighton has the prettier face. Her eyes are sooo pretty as opposed to Blake’s small, cold eyes.

  7. hands down Leighton. Blake’s hot too but her face isn’t as pretty as Leightons, it has more masculine features like a bigger nose, bigger jaw and chin, thinner lips…whereas Leighton has the smaller button nose, big seductive eyes, luscious pouty lips, smaller delicate face…very feminine

  8. leighton pretty both inside and outside..very professional and not doing some DIVA thing like blake.

  9. Personly I Love Leighton the best, she has the best style in fashion and brings great character to the show, i still love Blake but I’m more towards Leighton sorry.. =D
    P.S I hope that blair and chuck stay together in Gossip Girl there perfect for each other, on and off the set 😉 xx thank you.

  10. i choose Leighton.
    Blake has a good figure and long legs and wears sexy clothes.
    however leighton is naturally pretty. she is more feminine with a beautiful choice of clothing.
    i would say leighton is also a much better actress still she has not got the recognition she deserves.
    blake however gets everything without working for it like her recognition even though she is a horrible actress.

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