The Time Traveler’s Wife and The Ugly Truth

Both movies I caught over the weekend were romance flicks, but they couldn’t be any more different.

The Time Traveler’s Wife was honestly, a disappointment. Eric Bana was gorgeous and he was credible as Henry, although I would have imagined Henry to be far more gaunt in appearance and tortured in demeanour. The movie can be touching at certain points, and I really enjoyed the performances from all the child actors involved.

But the film failed miserably in its portrayal of Clare. Clare in the book was selfless. She kept whatever frustrations to herself and was “always relieved” when Henry returns safely. Her undying devotion was a huge factor why their love was so sacred and why she was the only person Henry could count on for some normalcy in his life. Clare in the film was selfish, spoilt and enjoys throwing tantrums even though she should have known right from the start what she signed on for with Henry. Rachel McAdams as Clare was completely bland and uninspiring.

The film also had no depth. Important supporting characters in the book – complete with all their complex histories- were relegated to cameos. The main characters were barely fleshed out- watching the film, you wouldn’t even know how dark a character Henry was before he met Clare. Significant scenes in the book were tweaked, then patched together into a summary of what happened with no apparent meaning except to tell the story within the time constraints of a film. The end result is simply, a movie without soul.

The Ugly Truth, on the other hand, was a breath of fresh, minty air=) I haven’t watched such a delightful romantic comedy since The Truth about Cats and Dogs. The plot is a no-brainer: Katherine Heigl’s Abby is an attractive, sexy and capable tv producer. Seems perfect except she is a neurotic control freak who can’t secure a man. Enter Gerard Butler’s Mike, the anchor of a crude segment known as The Ugly Truth where he basically dispels all the myths women have about men, and spill the truth: Men are interested in tits, butts, legs and a pretty face. Period.

Naturally, they end up having to work together- Abby as producer, Mike as anchor- to push up ratings for the station. In exchange for a cordial working relationship, Mike decides to help Abby get her dream guy, and then, no prizes for guessing what happened.

Gerard Butler did a great job giving a new lease of life to the typical tough-man-with-a-soft-core character. The jokes were crude, and bordered on being a little tasteless at times (which suit me just fine) but they were always hilarious, and at times surprisingly witty. Despite being predictable, the flick is fun, sexy, had great quips and was really sweet. Sparks flew and there was plenty of chemistry between the lead characters. This film is also proof that Katherine Heigl is officially queen of Hollywood romantic comedies. Reese Witherspoon, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, and the classic Julia Roberts and good old Meg Ryan are no fight. Heigl can act, is funny and gorgeous, and channels neurotic and kooky better than anyone else:)


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