In what’s more proof that I’m a die-hard romantic, I think Fann Wong and Christopher Lee are sweet=).

Not that I am a huge fan. I have always thought Fann pretty with her porcelain skin, bambi eyes, and radiant grin (according to my mother, Fann won a Her World Cover Girl competition when she was in her teens and when I was barely in primary school. My mum said I found her so lovely, I insisted on buying the magazine haha.) but that’s about it. Christopher is suave, i love his sideburns, he seems nice enough and well, that’s about it. As for them as a couple, I never really cared except that I did like one serial they starred in together, 星锁.

But now, as I am admiring their beautiful pre-wedding photos in Maldives, I just feel…happy:) I don’t even know them, but hey, true love (or at least what seems like it) always makes me melt. They look very good together, the quintessential 俊男美女!

For lack of better words, just very sweet=)

The  great blue sea and Fann’s gorgeous Bally off-shoulder white gown. I just think the gown looks classy and her whole get-up makes her look way younger than her 38 years.


Love the Vera Wang piece too, and Chris’s beige Bally suit!


3 responses to “Congrats!:)

  1. Haha i oso think they are v sweet…. its as though we are watching a romantic real life drama…

  2. I love all her gowns lei except the indian bollywood one. Quite ugly lei! haha..christopher lee is very handsome:)

  3. aserendipitiouslife

    yan: actually u r right! a drama serial over many years:p
    xi: my colleagues were saying on fri haha. Think it is david gan’s work..though he is supposedly a style guru, when left to his own devices, his taste tends to be off..but as long as they like it haha.

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