Nothing but food!

You know how some people eat to live? And how some others have naturally small appetites and a penchance for bland and boring healthy food like fish soup? I just am not them. I live to eat, and I love my tidbits, desserts, meat and carbohydrates. Very much.

I worry, not so much about weight, but cholesterol. I am lucky, I get away with eating a lot and I drop below 40 once I stop suppers and start exercising once a week. Despite my aversion to all things green (friends would know I started eating, nope, more like swallowing vegetables by gulping water at 13. I am better now, but it’s a good week if I eat vegetables for two meals that week), I have good skin. But, I am older and cholesterol is an insidious evil, so my advance new year resolution?  To eat healthier.

But resolutions can start later. I have been stuffing myself with very good food in the last 2 months, I just have to share:))

1) La Nonna, Holland Village

I heart Italian food, and at least twice a month, I would visit some nice Italian restaurant for my pasta and wine. Sure to make me happy! My favourite remains Porta-Porta (Etna comes close because of its reasonable prices, its proximity to my home and I’ve such a weakness for their pistachio tiramisu) but La Nonna was a pleasant surprise. House red wine was nicely mellow and deep, and the after-taste is woody (which I love. I hate those with what I call chicken-essence after-taste haha). The fresh mussels in fragrant rich garlic-and-white wine soup is to-die-for and their crepe desserts perfectly delightful. Price-wise, expect to pay about $150 for two  for appetisers, main meals (which unfortunately is average. Nice, but average nice), desserts and wine. The atmosphere is homely, classy and quiet without being pretentious.

2) Prive Restaurant at Keppel Bay. What a waste. Keppel Bay reminds me of Sydney and it is pretty but the restaurants there are a bore. Prive is not good at all. It is noisy (they play very loud hip-hop, techno music which is terrible for eating) and if you sit further away, you end up having to endure the equally disturbing chatter of pretentious families and spoilt kids. The food is not good. The wine is not good. Don’t bother.

3) Halia Restaurant at the Botanical Gardens.

The place is so pretty:)! I like the house wine very much (I rarely order bottles unless the people/person I am with like wine too. I can finish a bottle, but er…in two seatings haha. With chips, preferrably those from Ruffles!), and the dessert was good. Pricing is reasonable- drinks and a main course bout’ $30. The food is well, nice in an average way, nothing to shout about, but what I really dig is the atmosphere and how all the cutlery and napkins are so pretty. . All sunny, happy, and family-ish. Great for a Sunday bruch.

4) More Italian restaurants: La Strada at Shaw Centre, Amici Italian Restaurant at Holland Village, Casa Mediterranea at Berjaya Hotel.  I visited a couple more (thanks to business appointments as well) but these three deserve a shout-out. La Strada has a very nice atmosphere- it looks posh and elegant without being stuffy, the food is average-nice and the wine great. Amici has got fantastic raw beef appetisers and very very good crab meat pasta. Can go for good Italian food=) I heart Casa and it’s a pity not many people seem to visit the restaurant. It is very quiet, quaint and tucked in the hotel and the food- i have no complaints:)

5) The Mouth Restaurant at China Town Point. Great price, typical buzzing Chinese restaurant setting and great good old Chinese food:) and the La Terrasse Porridge Buffet at Orchard Hotel. Service is not good, the place is noisy in an unpleasant way, it is over-priced porridge but I like it. Simply because it serves fragrant smooth porridge, with the correct condiments, and the best basic no-frills side dishes such as the very important luncheon meat (golden fragrant perfection), ikan bilis and eggs. I won’t go again because I am paying too much for what is supposed to be cheap (there are expensive items on the buffet table but I don’t like them) so no go, unless I really have cravings for very good basic porridge:))

6) Little Part One Cafe at Jasmine Road. It is quiet and cosy, and the crowd comprises couples, happy families, groups of friends, just the kind of place you wanna chill out at (besides my favourite Sunset Bay at ECP. I still like that better, great food, wine, music and it’s tucked away). Prices are very reasonable (think 20-30 per pax) and I really like the the tofu salad, the fries, and the best apple crumble ever. I hate it when apple crumbles are soggy and they often are. But their apple crumble is yummy. Sweet, crisp on the outside, nice soft and delicious on the inside with chunky apple pieces. And there are plenty of board games (Boggle!) if you are bored. Great place if you are a beer fan cos’ there are lots of specialty beers with very adorable accompanying mugs/glasses/jugs. What’s not hot: no wine (there is wine on the list, but they don’t sell by the glass and they often run out for some reason), and the service. Just very blur and clumsy waiters. Pity cos they affect the atmosphere.

Food, me, happy:)


2 responses to “Nothing but food!

  1. You are nt following any resolution la. Your cai-peng was just full of meat, dun see any vegs at all!! hahaaa. Making me hungsss.

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Hahaha..bleah!! I had salad for lunch (with a burger though). It was quite hard to stomach.

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