Fake em’ if we don’t have em’!

Pic: Times Online

Creative zookeepers at the Gaza Zoo decided to paint their donkeys in black and white stripes after their only two real zebras died earlier this year.

The son of the owner of the zoo even proudly quipped: “The first time we used paint, but it didn’t look good.”

The two female donkeys, he explained, were striped using masking tape and hair dye using a paint brush in the end.

“The children don’t know, so they call them zebras, and they are happy to see something new,” he said.

I don’t know whether to say “poor kids” or “poor zebras”.  Haha.

I just burst out in peals of laughter when I read the article from ST. But beyond the whole thing being kinda silly, you still have to give those zookeepers the thumbs-up. If that isn’t an exemplary never-say-die spirit and a display of how joy can be found in the worst of circumstances (the zebras died as a result of neglect during the Israel-Hamas war), I really don’t know what else qualifies.


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