The state of being half-sick

Which is the unfortunate state I’m in now. Disclaimer: I’m not talking about severe sickness but the usual run-of-the-mill flu and sore throat.

Now, if I have bad flu, I would be able to zonk out. Thing is, I am good enough to feel restless (yes, it takes quite a bit to make me feel not restless, I, the girl who went clubbing at Zouk after being discharged from a two-week stint in hospital for viral fever, err 5 years ago) but I know i am sick and the phlegm is just bidding its time to come out in full force.

You cannot not do anything, but you can’t do anything with full energy. Sucks.

And i need all that energy when Queen B comes back tomorrow. The week has been stressful, productivity has been low and as much as I try not to let targets affect my mood, it’s hard when there are targets to meet. Worse, when you are half-sick. Shucks.


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