Long Weekends. Loves:)

I only realised how precious long weekends are after entering the working world. Sigh.


Was on leave because i had to go back  to join the celebrations. The last schooling day for my kiddos, and barely a month to the As. Felt tired, but I just couldn’t say no, not to them going: “Come la, it is our last day, just for a while!” I didn’t regret it one bit, it was great seeing them and chatting until it was time for their various lessons. Promised to be there for their results next year, and that made me feel strangely nostalgic. Come next Mar, my only link to my former career would be more or less severed. But I guess that’s life, we move on and I’m looking forward=)

Spent the night at ICB with the anglican gals, boozing and feasting on delicious pizza, chicken wings and fries. The place is alright, full of yuppies- Singaporean and otherwise -and it had a buzzing vibe. In what I think is a sign of old age,maturity, my only gripe was the noise level. Still, the company was worth it. We four go back a long way, to the days when we were supposedly “the belles” in class, to the difficult times when I moved to the special stream, to different pathways- three of us to NTU but in three drastically different disciplines, and another out to work. But we are all good now:) M’s a swinging single and headhunter, Y’s happily married and busy at work, J’s still steadily in love and in a job she finally likes and we are all still close. Not an easy feat meeting monthly ok!

One more thing- i hit the gym in the morning, which is r.a.r.e. haha.


Peaceful and cosy. Spent the entire day giving tuition. I have three kids now, back-to-back, and it can be exhausting. Dinner was chicken wings (i lurve wings lahz), boring but always good fish-and-chips and wine at Charlie’s Corner. With the exception of being a little disturbed by cats lurking a distance away, i like the whole very casual laidback feel of the place. Had a copy of The Orphan at home, so we watched it and I was completely perved out. The film was surprisingly good, largely because of the fantastic child actors.


D10 with the jc mates for brunch. Didn’t really like the place- too far out, the food was mediocre and it was warm big-time. The seven of us decided on some mountain-climbing early next year and if it materialises, it will be my second trek (the first being mt ophir which was ahem, an experience). After 10 years of playing on home territory, it’s time to head out! Went to ECP for a 45-min run and then dinner at Sunset. Tropicana chicken, wine, yumz. Don’t think I will train up sufficiently for my second marathon though, have been missing sessions due to work, but I’ll make do.

I’ll spent whatever is left of the night on Gossip Girls. Season 3, ep 1=)


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