For the first time in my 28 years on public transport,

someone gave up his seat to me while I was onboard a bus.

Me: (walked gracefully, squeezed my way through the  crowd. Stood in front of a typical two-seater occupied by two lucky passengers) *consoled myself with this: Ok, just one stop to the MRT, not too bad=)

One of the said lucky passengers, a tanned man who looked about 35 or thereabouts, in smart-casual attire: stared at me with a weird look, stood up abruptly and then the shocker: Here, you take the seat.

Me: (looked around) Me?

Never in my life has anyone offered me a seat on a bus. It is either a) I look old b) I look preggers c) I look feeble or d) I’ve finally met a chivalrous man after one year of suffering on public transport (Ok, i exaggerate haha. But you know how much I hate the morning/evening peak periods lahz).

a) is unlikely given the many times I’ve been told that I look barely out of my 20s, b) is something I sure hope I don’t appear to be  c) is out since I had blusher, and because I want to be hopeful that there is, gasp, chivalry on crowded buses and also because I want to think positive, I will go with d). :p

I rejected the offer because I was really getting off the bus. But hey, thanks for the sweet gesture:)


3 responses to “For the first time in my 28 years on public transport,

  1. Haha. It is either you were wearing a shapeless dress or he likes you!!

  2. Did he hit on you? hahaa

  3. aserendipitiouslife

    No ok. hahah. It was a total act of chivalry!

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