Today was a great one:)

Started the day with a hearty breakfast at Riders Cafe. Food was satisfactory (it wasn’t fantastic, but it was tasty enough) and definitely reasonably-priced, but what really, really rocked was the atmosphere. All that greenery, some white ponies, the wind in your hair – I forgot all about time and work:) The crowd comprised mostly tai-tais, businessmen, random people who were on leave, but just get a balcony seat, take in the view and you won’t care who’s sitting around you=) Car is almost a must to get there though.

Watched Jennifer’s Body. Am too lazy to give a full review but in a nutshell, give it a miss unless you are a fan, and by fan, i mean HUGE fan, because the show is silly. The plot has potential, and there are times when the dialogue shows glimpses of the wit scriptwriter Diablo Cody displayed in Juno. Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried are both hot and kudos to them for rising above the meaningless plot and script. Fox was suitably scary/gorgeous and Seyfried was a pleasure to watch. Loved the guy who played Seyfried’s sweetheart too. Adam Brody made some sort of a cameo and I’ve always loved him=)(  Too bad the show is quite dumb- it’s not scary, it’s not funny, it’s not witty, i really don’t know what’s the point.

Bowling next, haven’t bowled in a while but it was fun getting into a ‘competition’ (albeit one taking place largely in my imagination haha) with the peeps next to us. We were behind at first, but we caught up and won in the third round!

Day ended with Goodfellas at Timbre:) Today was good- they sang Nobody, Always Be My Baby, Grace Kelly and Pump It, among lots of my other favourite songs. I just got back, and all I can think about  is a) how wonderful it is to be on leave on a weekday b) how glad I am that tomorrow today  is Friday:) On a vastly separate note, I’ve gotten quite nuts over Mac’s Monopoly game. I know it’s childish, but I think it’s cute. *so going to eat value meals next week hehe

=)) I want nobody, nobody but you~


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