Elle Macpherson still unbelievably hot!

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the airport (it’s got to do with work). It’s tiring having to go from T1 to T2 to T3 and then back to T2 on a daily basis but one good thing that came out of this making-huge-strides-on-waxed-floors business is that I got to read plenty of my favourite magazines (which also unfortunately spells plenty of dollar notes wasted haha -_-).

One thing I’ve realised is that Elle Macpherson, the Aussie supermodel once dubbed The Body, has aged really well. She’s still lovely!

Comparing her younger body (left) and her current body, I can only say everything is intact and even better=) Not too skinny, but slim, healthy, tanned and toned. Hot!

What I really admire is how natural she looks. Nothing against botox or the likes here, but you can see from these recent shots that she is aging, wrinkles and all. Her arms (sorry I can’t fit the enlarged version here), probably because of too much sun, has pretty, well, bad skin, but her bod’s good, she glows, she’s stylish, her hair looks great, she’s confident and sexy. You have to give it to her:)


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