My right eye that is:(

I woke up, with a wet (gross i know) right eye, went to see a doc, and he told me i’ve a viral infection. He said I probably got it from someone else (you inconsiderate a**! haha) who rubbed his eye and touched something, which unfortunately, i touched soon after.


I need a massage, a spa session, whatever. Think the stress is getting to me cos’ I have a pimple, a sore eye, untidy hair and I still feel bloated.

Needs. A. Break.

On another note, I caught This Is It last night. It felt like watching a two-hour MJ concert, and I would say, go watch it just to relive his glory. There isn’t anything good or bad about this film- it is like watching snippets of MJ’s performances put together with love, and if you, like me, enjoy groovy music and cool dance moves, you’ll like it.

His voice is still good, his moves are intact (although visibly less energetic compared to when he was young, but at 50, those joints and limbs are still impressive) and he looks the most normal I’ve seen in  a long, long time.

One conclusion: MJ’s still the King of Pop, cos’ even after wrecking our brains for over an hour, we can’t find someone, western and eastern pop world combined, who can match his talent. Lots of people can sing, and can sing with raw emotion, but few can sing and yet stay unique with yelps and strong, high-pitched yet whispy end-notes. Many can dance, but few have dance moves which are almost inimitable (compare MJ with his back-up dancers and you will know what I mean. And to sing well, dance well, have a very unapologetically weird style (think Lady Gaga) and be able to write both moving and catchy tunes? MJ’s the only one- Timberlake, Beyonce and even my dear Jay etc etc don’t even come close.

I’ve never been a really big fan though I love his hits (i was exposed to his music, thanks to a moon-walking cousin haha) and I was disgusted by all the rumours, all his strange behaviour in the latter part of his life, but watching him in action, I’ve got to admit it- He’s just a born entertainer, and a genius one at that.  His moves, his songs, his film-like MTVs (especially for Thriller)- all these were way ahead of his time. It amazes me that watching him sing and move actually feels current, and not dated. It’s a pity how his life turned out, but he’s really one of the greats.


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