My love affair with McDonald’s

I really, really like Macs:) I know it’s junk, but it makes me feel happy and ironically healthy. That’s how successful their marketing gimmicks are!! Darn!  I love reading descriptions of how wholesome and fresh their food items are. It’s bullsh**, but visualising all that text still makes me salivate haha.

From its website: ” Freshly scrambled eggs set aside a sizzling sausage, perfectly crisp hashbrowns and mouth-watering muffins? What more can anyone ask for?”

Indeed, what else? See what I mean?  This is my dream job, writing for food advertisments. Some do it so well, they make dietary information read like a Shakespeare poem. Mac’s writers are, by my standards, doing a passable job. Which means I can do it too! haha!

Am on afternoon shift this week (which happens once every 1.5 months or so) and it’s gonna be a long day until 11pm. Big Breakfast, and episodes of Friends (I can watch it a million times and still laugh and tear) to kickstart the day. Sheer bliss. =))


2 responses to “My love affair with McDonald’s

  1. That pic, makes me very hungry! You are still at hme?!! So lucky!

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