Phoebe makes me cry

Been spending some time re-watching Friends. I know it is a passe sitcom but I really like it=) And I’d better watch it, considering how i’ve spent a small fortune on all ten seasons (but hey, i got those DVDs at a darn good price! haha)

I’m hard-pressed to find my favourite character cos’ I like them all so much, but Phoebe, she tugs at my heartstrings for some reason. Maybe it is how kind she is, how people as quirky but so pure and innocent do not really exist in real life, her sad background, but her wedding, when she bade the triplets farewell, and how delighted she was at Ross’s gift of a pink bicycle- those were the rare scenes that made me tear. Tear big-time.

Finished the 10km charity run today. Timing was good (slightly under an hour?) but I hated the run. The sun was in my face (it has been grey and gloomy for weeks, and the sun just had to come out for an hour, just when i was running), the cheerleaders- i wouldn’t call them cheerleaders, they were really stony-faced, and aiya, just wasn’t one of those runs where you actually feel happy. But since it is supposedly for charity, shall not complain further!:p


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