My long weekend

Starts today, and ends on Mon 1159 pm. Shiok!

I am not gonna think work at all these three days.

Yesterday was shabu, shabu and karaoke (after knocking off at like 9pm), and today- I’m gonna get the hair done (I haven’t been to a salon in seven months, and my hair is looking less like my hair, and more like a lion’s mane) and it’s off for dinner with Shir! Tomorrow is the bummer- I’ve a great lunch at a great restaurant, but it’s a company affair. I’m just gonna get it quick, over, done!!!

Line of the day (from Rachel/Jennifer Aniston): How can I grow if you don’t let me blow? muahahaha.


2 responses to “My long weekend

  1. wanwan, i cant read ur protected post.. the old password not applicable?? yanyan wants to read!!! or cannot read ar? hahaha

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    u r very funny hahaha….

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