Classics, that’s what they’re:)

Friends– Perfect cast, great chemistry, funny, very warm and sweet, Monica &  Chandler, Rachel & Ross, silly Joey and naive Phoebe, the friendship, the messy love relationships, the great cameos and recurring characters (Janice’s OH. MY.GOD haha), the struggles with work, what’s there not to like? I’m currently on re-watch mode, at Season 3, when they are 28, and I can so identify with everything. And oh, Rachel makes me want to cut my curls haha. If there’s one sitcom I would advise busy, stressed working adults between 25 and 35 to invest in, friends would be that:)

Gossip Girl- Just for the sharp lines, very young and beautiful people, equally gorgeous clothes, and to indulge in a  fantasy (at least for me lahz haha) world of immense weath, intrigue and people who’re so rich they just have sex with one another, fall in love sometimes, and get into all sorts of weird trouble. Chuck, muaks!  ♥

Who’s the Boss– who would have thought little Samantha (Alyssa Milano) would grow up so hot? One of my favourites on Hallmark, really old, but really, really funny. My favourite afternoon past-time when i was in school.

Bewitched- This is so much better than the film version. Another favourite on Hallmark. Samantha, the hapless witch is darn cute, and her mother and clueless husband are even funnier. It (the re-runs) ran for a long while, and I spent many precious hours which I could have used to revise for the A-levels watching magic haha.

SATC- minus the money she spends on branded items. Even my friends said her character reminds them of yours truly. Nuff’ said.

Beverly Hills 90210!!! That was my favourite when I was in primary school. Jennie Garth is so pretty!! Luke Perry’s the original bad boy of my generation!

24. Notice how Prison Break is conspicuously missing? You see, I think tv-watching should be mindless, or funny, or sexy, not mind-draining. So it’s rare that I watch anything requiring brainwork. 24’s an exception. I sat through three seasons in 2 weeks. It is that good. (though I really got sick of it by then haha)

Lost. Sat through the first season, in hall, while H was studying for his exams, and I was just bored. It was exciting, sexy, and very scary. Like 24, one of the rare need-to-use-some-brains show that I actually enjoyed. Totally got sick after the second season though- like won’t the monster/creature/whatever that’s lurking just come out already?!

The OC. Simply for Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson, Seth & Summer=))

Ally Mcbeal– It was so refreshing, funny, and I dunno, so true of women…until the third season. That’s when everything started falling apart.

There’re others of course – Party of Five, 7th Heaven (anyone else remember? haha), Heroes (first season that is), Grey’s Anatomy, 3rd Rock from the Sun, ER, Seinfield, Mad about You, but I just didn’t like them enough to watch an entire season:)

It’s raining again, and I was watching Friends, totally into the chemistry between Ross and Rachel at the beach-house, when i decided that I should write something about them. Duh, I know, haha. Movie-watching at 4pm, I’m gonna collect the race-pack but I am not going to run, not the full at least. I can barely do a 12km, and i do runs, only when I’m confident I can at least enjoy it. Haiz:(

This’s gonna sound even more duh but I really dig the snow flakes falling on the blog haha! Christmas’s almost here=))


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