Work today..wait, this week has been bad

Some people see the name, some people think it is easy, many think it is glamourous/fun/exciting

but what many will not know

is that the work is tough. Very tough.

And it is really bringing out aggression (is that how you spell it? Dun care haha), impatience and all else negative.

So much to talk about in terms of work, but I’m very tired.

Yesterday, i got screwed (pardon my language cos’ i really can’t find a better description) by a certain elite institution here. U’ll know what I’m talking about if you happen to read today’s publication.

I lost it. I really did. And I wrote a lengthy, forceful email which must have scared the hell out of them because I am always unfailingly smiley. After I sent it, I got a bit freaked (Coward! Me! haha)- will they complain to my boss? are they going to accuse me of things as well? But in the end, i got my apology. I still don’t feel good though.

On a completely different note, for some strange reason, CW is pushing the 13th episode of Gossip Girl to next March. Supposedly to push up ratings. I don’t quite get it, but I just want to watch because I’ve got a feeling this could be the last season, and the pairings are going to the perfect ones- dan+vanessa, serena + nate and of cos, chuck and blair.

Ok, just got back from work. waiting for my hair to dry. and i can’t wait for sat to come.


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