The sixth day of X’mas:)

After  X’mas celebrations which ended by Saturday, I’ve been reading, browsing (and not scrutinising) the papers, adjusting my FB privacy setting, blogging, religiously updating myself on frivolous gossip sites, watching Friends (am on Season 6 now:p), finding out about little things I’ve wanted to know for a while (who exactly are the Hmongs? what are the various meanings of  ‘cure’?  ok,  I am the sort who has to check the dictionary when I don’t know a word haha), doing housework (mum has been nagging about my laundry, my messy room ), sent my crashed laptop for repair (finally!), and haiz, did a bit of proper office work cos’ I had to. Ok, I shall ignore this last bit.

Watched Nada Sou Sou or Tears for You on miotv and this film reminded me of all the good things Jap dramas can stand for. I hated the ending  but the show is Jap subtlety at its best and it made me miss all those old Jap classics I used to watch:) And, I am so attracted to the male lead Satoshi Tsumabuki and his character in the movie. Positivity, strength of character and a good sense of humour=) It was a great way to spend the morning- subtle and moving plot, subtle and pretty set, good chemistry, a nice theme song, cute leads:)

Came across this advertisment,  from NTUC income I think. I don’t get it. Am i supposed to be grateful they stay open until 630pm? How many of us knock off early enough to travel and reach them by 630? Does the person behind this message really think anyone would think it is sheer genius for them to stay open until 630?

As I was walking in Jurong East (that’s where Acer is haha), I felt great. It has been a long time since Iwalk slowly (ie at normal human pace), observe my surroundings quietly and there is just this general sense of peace. I must have been pretty bad these 10 months, cos the bf commented at dinner today that I “have regained my vigor”.

Talked about Kelly Lin (林熙蕾) over dinner, she’s the bf’s very first crush. We both can’t get why she is with Ken Zhu. She’s hot, speaks terrific English, has an actual acting career and he is just undesirable (from whatever we can observe lahz haha)

 Home-front, things are moving slowly, but surely. Cleaning is a tough job (I am obsessed with spreading moisturiser on my hands haha) but the tougher part is getting the stuff that should go in and we’ve been poring over magazines/meeting IDs (which I am definitely not going to get cos we can’t waste the $$)  for ideas. It’s all fun though, you would expect it to be tedious (and it really is) but it’s nice=) Feb, here I come:))


4 responses to “The sixth day of X’mas:)

  1. haha i’m on a roll commenting on ur entries. hehe.
    we met quite a few IDs, didnt use them but took their ideas. haha. at one pt, we intended to take the ideas of one ID and get a contractor to do the job – saves you a lot of money!

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Yah! that’s what we are planning to do! I really don’t want to spend anything much lei..hey, ur contracting work + furniture work- how much? There is this little part of me which feels like spending a lot, to make it really pretty, but no hahah..i think i am not even going to paint!

  3. think u shd paint… n if can change the entire toilet haha…

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