Here’s to 2010, happy new year everybody!:)

 2007 was an adventure, 2008 was straight out of a soap opera and 2009 is, well, over very quickly!  I don’t know if it is because of my hectic job, or because time is really ticking faster, but I am shocked today marks the end of the year.

Best Book: Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife

Best Film: Avatar, without a doubt. Rachel Getting Married comes second and is the best dramatic film I’ve watched this year. Other worthy mentions: Shinjuku Incident (good despite Jackie Chan), Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince, Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino, Drag Me to Hell, Milk  (for Sean Penn and James Franco!), The Ugly Truth (a surprisingly enjoyable romantic comedy)

Best Idol Drama: 敗犬女王/Defeated Queen/My Queen (

Best Screen Couple: Carl & Ellie of Up

Best Catchy Tune: Cold Play’s Viva La Vida and Wonder Girls’ Nobody.

Best Performer: A tie between Lady Gaga and Jason Mraz

Most Beautiful: Maggie Cheung. She is 45 and still looks so good. I like her silly films when I was a kid, her critically acclaimed works, her delicately pretty face, her pale flawless skin, her willowy frame, her sense of style, her carefree, confident and cosmopolitan attitude towards life, her British-accented English, everything lahz.  Below: a pix of her at this year’s Golden Horse Awards. I don’t care what critics say but I think she looks lovely, and that dress, part medieval, part modern, part edgy, part elegant, is gorgeous.

The Hunk: Taylor Lautner, for making me think things I shouldn’t be thinking of 17-year-olds haha:p

Favourite Magazine of the Year: Life & Style. How to live without all that Hollywood gossip?! haha

Best Buys:

Friends- the complete set. One episode a night keeps me sane=).

Chloe Heloise bag which I got for less than $1,000  cos’ there was a small, tiny, near invisible scratch. Classy color, classy texture, classy design, i am so in lurve!:)

Coach legacy bag- colorful, bright and completely multi-functional!

Others: the Benetint blush and my haul of more Kate Spade, Coach, Chloe and LV accessories from various warehouse sales in the States. My first haul, which saw me spending about $1,000 and getting three bags, took place in 2006. This time round: 3 bags, 1 keychain, 1 wallet, 1 namecard holder, all for less than $2,000! Ok, I am not a brand whore (I hate monograms for instance and I buy plenty of cheap stuff) but I love it when I get something of good material, that is beautiful, and for a good price!!

Best Decision: Our loft. Nuff’ said:)

Worst Decision: Perming my hair another time and then cutting everything off.  Waste of $$ and I am now called “Xiao-mei” by aunties all over Singapore. Signing up for the marathon is a close second- it is the first time I gave up on a race and it was such a terrible torture.

Most Exciting Event:  Other than becoming a proud home owner, other events include: 1) being in a scary industrial park at ulu Defu lane stuck with three huge black dogs and dusty lanes full of foreign workers 2) attempting to trespass an illegal dormitory 3) going undercover in hospitals to check out the H1N1 scare 4) Coming up close and personal with various ministers/ceos 5) Seeing Dai Yang Tian and Ann Kok (at a charity event) and he is so cute!

Best and Worst Trip: Krabi was good for the exciting ATV ride and the pistol-shooting, but was bad for being boring and for that elephant trek (I didn’t know it involved us sitting on that poor elephant. I would so much rather have trekked using my legs). Taipei: My second trip there, but there is still plenty to discover:)

Best Local Getaway: New Majestic Hotel. Have been a fan of  staycations since 2005 (way before that term became fashionable ok! haha) and this year, I stayed in Royal Plaza on Scotts, Swissotel, Hotel Intercontinental and New Majestic Hotel. Majestic Hotel wins for the personal design, the double bath tubs with a tv on a swivel, and a little flight of stairs leading to an attic bedroom. I recommend the attic suite for a couple retreat. Less a posh room, and more a romantic, cosy little home.  The attic bedroom has walls/ceilings covered with little sheep, how cute is that?!

Best Liveband: Goodfellas!

Best Restaurant: Senso Ristorante & Bar (simply for their veal ravioli with truffle scented sauce) or Garibaldi for overall experience.

Best Chill-Out Place: Timbre or Chatterbox

Most Over-rated Place:  Butter Factory

2009 will be over in about 8 hours. For year 2010, I hope that a) I will not be bad-tempered at work, b) that I will have ideas falling on my lap c) My loved ones/people I care about, and I will be healthy and happy d) My home will feature more than just random bean bags despite my limited budget e) world peace f) and that I will win the lottery without buying any haha. Happy New Year!


2 responses to “Here’s to 2010, happy new year everybody!:)

  1. I love your best buys too!! hahaa…but seriously, happy new year and may 2010 shower plenty of blessings on you!!

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