The one-week break is coming to an end.


It has been a good week but…I just feel it ain’t enough. Guess that’s what they mean by humans are never contented 😦

The new year passed quickly but nicely- had dinner at Garibaldi and caught Sherlock Holmes. The film was a bit of a waste- the dialogue/lines were fantastic, robert downey jr is a hoot, there is great chemistry with Jude Law and the set/propsare  authentic. There was just something missing- all the loose ends were tied up too nicely and too suddenly all at the very end. While the film was entertaining enough, it just wasn’t a great mystery movie.

Am tired out from all the cleaning/scouting. I realised stress makes me eat, cos this one week, I’ve been eating pretty little and I am actually all relaxed and happy.

Meeting the sec school gals for lunch tomorrow, and then more scouting. I’m done with laundry and I will see tomorrow if I can be done with ironing, and if I can fit in a pedicure session:p


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