Carl & Ellie

Wc and I got to talking about what kind of relationship we yearn for, even envy, during coffee break.

For me, it’s pretty clear. Elderly couples who whisper softly to each other, who smile sweetly at each other, and who support each other (holding hands, grabbing arms whatever). Seeing them brings out the romantic in me (which trust me, is not very easy to achieve when it comes to me, the one who half seriously told her bf she would prefer a stack of cash or a gold bar to a diamond ring if he ever wants to propose haha. I’m a romantic at heart lahz, just that it’s buried deep, deep down:p) and it makes me just go all soft and mushy inside.

The kind of relationship I fear most (which I see very often) involve two frustrated-looking adults with three kids between them, and the only conversations going on are that which take place amongst the kids, or involve the parents snapping at their children.

So, the best screen couple of 2009 in my opinion: Carl & Ellie of Up:)

From young…to old…

Of course…in real life, between the first pangs of love when Cupid strikes and the formation of a firm and loving relationship, there will be the quarrels, the misunderstandings, the disagreements, the grumpiness with having to grapple with work and children (i.e. my feared scenario will probably occur to everyone, me included haha) but at the end of it all, to be able to look into each other’s eyes and feel love right into old age? Life will have been worth the ride=)


2 responses to “Carl & Ellie

  1. yar.. i also want that relationship.. although i must admit sometimes it is not all rosy… especially when we have entered another stage in our relationship where we are not taking centrestage haha… but i believe it is important to marry the right person, who understands why u are frustrated, why u need to scream haha….

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Totally agree:) Different stages, different joys/problems I guess, but if at the end of it all, both survive together, bliss:)

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