Not too bad:)

Pretty much sums up my week.

Work has been ok. I really do have a love-hate relationship with the job. I love the adrenaline rush (and it’s definitely there), the challenge, the fun and how very very nice some of my bosses are (Got a good dose of all these this week) but at the same time, i hate how some bosses are sarcastic, unpredictable, and just, I dunno, you just know they are not simple (Never understood this phrase ‘not simple’ thrown about by friends until now haha. Got a mild dose of that this week).

Fri night, at home, mac dinner with the mother, and plenty of Friends after. Twister fries is back, I don’t understand why Macs just can’t make this a permanent item on their menu, I can so eat that every day, just like I did for the past 4 days! and last year! haha

The wkend is here, and I just wanna chill:)


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