I love Saturdays!!!

Spent the past two hours watching Friends. At season 8 now, when Joey starts seeing Rachel in a different light, and it’s so sweet! haha I know how’s it gonna end, but still, feels great:)

Morning was spent getting the set-up boxes for cable ready. He has been really bz these two days with work, and with the mba (looking at his textbook, his files, i’m just grateful studying is gone from my life) and he’s been complaining he’s doing most of the admin stuff (which he’s cos’ I’m really bad at it!) so I woke up at 8am just to get things done.

Brought Mum for her second visit, after we are done with the clean-up and she remains obsessed with our kitchen cos she loves it:) Means a lot to me that she likes the place, for some reason. I guess it’s cos both of us did all the research, and bought the place, before either set of parents actually saw it. Yeah, we 先斩后奏, and thankfully, both sets esp the mother gave their vote of approval. It was nice spending the morning with  mum, just well, looking out at the window, the different shades of green on the tree leaves, just relaxing. That’s the best thing really- the place isn’t big at all (given our limited finances haha) but it just feels right and comfy=)

Off to a family outing next- they are having a potluck to celebrate my cousins (three of them!)’ good showings at the O-levels. I am supposed to get fondue. What I’m really looking forward to though, is supper, cos I haven’t met the bf in about a week, thanks to his night lessons.

How I wish Saturdays have more than 24 hours…


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