I really am. And pissed as well, really.

I was on leave last Friday, just so I can wait for the people from Starhub to install SCV in the home, and to wait for the two new TV sets. Despite being on ‘leave’, I was glued to the computer and the Internet the whole afternoon to do…work -_-. Sometimes, I just wish they would leave me alone. I mean, I am on leave, which part of leave does the organisation not understand? The odd phone call/checking of mail is fine, but the entire afternoon- and I’m talking six hours here-?!

Weekend was rushing off to Penang. It was bad planning on our part- we kinda forgot that we had the house to deal with when we booked the tickets, but I really, really enjoyed the trip.  It was awesome. More about that another time:) The most ridiculous thing was that I spent two hours on Saturday, and three-and-a-half hours on Sunday, using the hotel internet, in Malaysia, so that I can do WORK. Like f**k.

I was off work Monday and Tuesday as well, and no surprises for guessing that I had to sms/email/phone all the way. Cleaning can kill, but I’m happy to declare that the house (er save the store room haha) is squeaky clean!!!! It was a torture though- my legs, arms, shoulders are all aching. We got the bed mattress, the curtains, and we set up the two TV sets, I dunno how to put it, but bit by bit, it is now liveable=)) We had our first stayover on Monday and Tuesday. I am back home today, and moving in proper over the weekend. The sofa, rug, coffee table, bedframe are all coming over the weekend!!!! Haha..sorry if I am sounding a bit over-excited, but I am just exhausted.

Today was exhausting as well- full day at work, lunch with a very beautiful but extremely haughty woman (More about that another time),  met the interior designer, did the laundry at home.

And my boss just sms-ed me. Wtf. Sorry for the expletive, but arrgh. I am big-time sian. The only thing that’s keeping me going today, is the thought of our completed loft.

Gonna watch an episode of Friends. And then I am gonna sleep. One more thing, I think Brad Pitt (sec school frens will know how much i loved him) and Jolie will split. Actually I hate Angelina Jolie. More about her another time.

Totally senseless entry haha. And yes, i have PMS. I really hate it when it is coming, when it feels like it is coming any time, but it just refuses to come.


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