Took the day off to make up for Sat’s work- I’m actually feeling guilty about it, and almost, just almost switched on the work laptop. But I stopped myself. I mean, if they think I’m lazy because of this (which will most likely be the case), well, I am going to be beyond caring about that. Plans for today: Gym, shopping, meeting G for a final time before she flies off, and then more shopping=)

To be completely frivolous, I am still waiting for news to confirm that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are splitting up. I know they have like 10 kids, but I really think whether or not the pair stays together has minimal impact on those little ones.

Now, I used to be crazy over Brad Pitt. He was cool, sounds intelligent during interviews, can act (Fight Club? Seven? Even Meet Joe Black was tolerable because of him!), has a part blue-eyed, blond, boyish part chiselled muscled masculine look, a great tan, I can gush for ages. If you realise, I rarely gush over men, so that’s how much he means to me hahaha.

How can anyone not be? haha

And then he got married to Jennifer Aniston, whom I do like enough. I was pretty happy actually.

So happy together~

When they broke up, I felt it was a pity, but well, people move on. And then he had to get together with Jolie. For all the “good” things she has done, I still detest her. Before I go on, I must make it clear that I am not a die-hard fan of Aniston and Pitt, and I have no desire, nor am under any illusion that they will get back together.

1) She broke up a marriage, but has no guts to admit it until years later.

2) She orchestrated an entire image campaign after getting together with Brad Pitt. Trust me, I follow entertainment news (way better than I follow world big news) and what she did was definitely orchestrated.

3) Doing good then publicising it to the whole world

4) I don’t find her  beautiful. At all. She has a great body, sexy lips, but when they all come together in her very skinny frame, she just looks evil. Sexy is an evil, unnerving way. Like Rosie O Donnell puts it (and very aptly if I might say), she’s scary in a sexual way.

5) Those poor kids- it’s great that she bought them out of poverty, but to have a mini United Nations right at home? To uproot them from one place to another?  To have so many of them? Is she doing it for herself or?

In a nutshell, I just think she is a manipulative and disgusting person. What’s more unforgiveable, is that she has successfully made Brad Pitt look increasingly haggard.

So the break-up rumours could be false for now, but I am still pretty sure it’s gonna end. Pitt, wake up!!! Leave!!


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