Civility, people, civility

Despite years of multiple and ever-expanding courtesy, kindness, graciousness and what-have-you campaigns, civility remains appallingly lacking in today’s society. That is the conclusion we all came to within ten minutes of our lunch.

Just listen to the way some landed property residents talk about the foreigners housed in the newly established workers’ dormitories. They will bring down the value of our property! They will commit crimes! In a more recent example, Singaporean HDB homeowners cried foul when they realised rental flats will be built in their vicinity. They will bring down the value of our property! They will commit crimes!, or so they cry.

The same ugly Singaporean can be seen in so many other instances: Singaporeans who complain about foreign workers joining in the opening of the casino (c’mon, they built them but they can’t be in them?), Rony Tan’s (by the way, can someone explain why he wasn’t arrested like those hapless teens who posted racist remarks on FB? Oh, you mean teens, and not a grown adult pastor, should be more aware of what can and cannot be said?) very ‘enlightening’ insights on Buddhism, Taoism and homosexuality, and what’s even worse, his audience, who is capable of appreciating his non-sequitur arguments, his warped analogies, his poor sense of humor, his rudeness, his inability to construct proper sentences and enunciate properly despite trying to adopt a slang and his utter lack of presence.

The bigger question for which we have no answer: why are we behaving like that?


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