Little tidbits in daily life=)

Conversation 1

After reading an article in a women’s mag on threesomes,

Me (going into typical hypothetical mode): Hey, would you ever consider the idea of a threesome?

H: 2 men 1 woman or 2 women and a man?

Me: 2 men.

H (immediately): No!

Me: Ok, 2 women.

H: Of course.

Me: Umm, what if the other woman is really, really hot?

H (in a demonstration of sweet-talking skills honed by yours truly): I may be more physically attracted to her for a while, but for me to love her, care for her, as much as I do for you now, that’s impossible.

Conversation 2

Me (while we were quietly having breakfast): Dear, should we get a car first or get married first? (Now, this is a tricky question- if you answer “car”, the girl might feel you value the vehicle more than the relationship, if you choose the latter, the girl could easily accuse you of  failing to be practical)

H: Anything. Up to you. What do you want?

Me: I really don’t know..stop asking me what I want. What do YOU want?

H: I just want you to be happy. (Awwwwww)

Hours later:

Me (in a super happy mood): What’s up with you? You are so sweet today!!

H: Huh??

Me: All those things you said to me!

H: What??

Me: Proceeds to recap conversations

H (watching Liverpool vs ManCity): Orh. Can’t really remember. The fact that I can’t remember means I could just be using my sweet-talking skills. So don’t think too much. Ok, very exciting match, don’t talk to me.

Wth!!! haha..and so with that, I am lazing in bed, typing on the laptop, right next to the man who’s glued to the screen.


2 responses to “Little tidbits in daily life=)

  1. Hahaha…funny but sweet! well, at least he noe hw to sweet-talk!

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Yeah i guess!

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