Yummy, and er…not much so.

I know we are two months into 2010 (gosh, how time flies!) but I realised I’ve forgotten to blog about this.

So here goes: the worst place I’ve been to for dinner, in my opinion, last year was the Mussel Guys, located at Vivocity.

a) the waiter was a foreigner who couldn’t speak good English. That was perfectly fine by me, I have no problems repeating my orders and speaking slowly. What irked me: He doesn’t know the menu. I know that because his English- while definitely far from being perfect – was definitely adequate for answering my questions. He couldn’t.

b) After I repeated my orders twice, and after he repeated my orders back to me twice, he came back to me twice? thrice? to clarify what I ordered. Even H, famously good-tempered, was pissed.

c) Food orders were mixed up.

d) We didn’t like the food at all. The mussels – their signature dish – weren’t nice, and the mixture of butter and lemon – what I think should be foolproof- was off. Their spaghetti tasted like mee goreng. The wine wasn’t good. To give you an idea of how much we didn’t like the food, I, of famously big appetite, couldn’t finish the food. Even H couldn’t, and that’s saying a lot.

e) I complained to the supervisor on duty, who apologised, and went on to charge us a full bill complete with SERVICE charge.

And on a much, much happier note since I am on my favourite topic of food:

Best Cheapo Food of 2009: Fei Fei Wonton Mee:)))) Can never get enough!! Even the picture-from alfredeats- makes me salivate. Yumz:p


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