The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch; How the Moken Sea Gypsies got their Book , Naw Say Bay

Have on my face right now one of what I think is SKII’s latest products- a lethal combination of melting essence pads (which I had no idea how to use and had to call wee haha, srry babe!) and their whitening mask. Haha.

And while I am masked, I am gonna talk about two books I’ve recently finished:) That’s part of my 2010 new year resolutions: to read more. Reading is a perfect source of entertainment: it’s entirely portable, can be carried out in a solitary fashion, it’s no more expensive than a meal (or even free if you get it from the library), and you come away with something extra- whether it transports you to another world, makes you tear or laugh, causes you to re-examine life and think twice or simply allows you to learn something new about what’s around you – in other words, in my books, a good read beats a film, almost every time=).

The Last Lecture is one of those rare inspirational books I actually really like. In a nutshell, the book contains the last words of Randy Pausch- to make his mark on the time he spent here, to share the lessons he has acquired in life and most of all, to leave something behind for his little kids. He does not across as perfect. He is brilliant, has plenty of drive and offers plenty of tips on how to make full use of time and the way to go about realising dreams. Yet he also comes across arrogant at times (something which he admits) and way too motivated for life’s good. But here’s the thing, he came across real. This is a man who has lived life proud and right by his own standards, and there’s much – both joy and sorrow – to be reaped from reading the book.

Got Moken Sea Gypsies at a ship fair. The book chronicles the life of a missionary who gave the Moken Sea Gypsies, the nomadic people of the sea, a bible in their language. The book could have been so interesting- I’m always intrigued about true believers in faith and human compassion, those who are willing to give up all and sundry, just to serve others. The Moken Gypsies would also be a pretty unique group to read about. Unfortunately, the book , rather than a chronicle of a woman’s journey to bring God to others, just contains too much, way too much preachy lines, alienating non-Christians. After a while, I felt I was reading gospel.

On a completely different note, I am a little upset with the Oscars! Can’t believe Bullock won- I like her but honestly, she’s not the best of them, no? Haven’t watched Hurt Locker, and I loved Avatar so much, I can’t believe that Cameron didn’t win. Shall catch the Hurt Locker on dvd sometime, i mean if it is better than Avatar, gosh!


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