What’s playing on the laptop…

Ding Dang’s I Love Him (叮噹 – 我愛他). Just one of those songs with low initial impact, but which grows on you after a while.

Paramore’s Brick By Boring Brick. I love the MV!

After an embarassing incident at Changi Airport (which in a nutshell involves a lot of screaming teenagers waiting for the band’s arrival and a clueless me mistaking their ‘Paramore’ cries for a) Aaron Kwok coming to town and later b) ParaMOUR coming to town), I googled, you-tubed and got hooked on this song. Did a little survey in office two days ago and I am convinced that if you have never heard of Paramore, you are, probably like me, on the wrong side of 25. Haha. I’m just trying to make myself feel better lah haha.

我愛他 is the theme song of an idol drama entitled Autumn’s Concerto. Seems to be extremely popular in Taiwan, but for some reason, I am just not keen to watch. The one little person I did notice from the trailers is the so so cute 小小彬! He’s the son of former child star 小彬彬!

Damn adorable right? Think he’s overworked though, I see him all the time on TV.


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