There are days…

such as this when reading the papers is a serendipitous journey. With each turn of the page, you are transported to a miraculous new place.

Today’s ST is such a pleasure to read (and I’m not just saying that cos’ of er, our unique relationship). Obama postponing his trip to Jakarta a second time accompanied with a commentary on the impact of his decision, how Google, Twitter (which has 140 employees now!) and Facebook are facing the perennial conundrum of expansion while keeping things casual, how the City Harvest Church’s move to own Suntec is being questioned, how the Pope is (finally and hopefully, not in a pay-lip-service way) addressing the sex abuse scandal, how Merrill Lynch had raised the alarm on Lehman Brothers, how South Korean kids are being taught using a robot, how an invisibility cloak might become a reality and much, much more…

Good newspapers, rainy weather, clean and cool bed linens, a calm presence by your side, and a clear view of the pitter-patter of rain from the bay window.

这一刻的我, 是幸福的=)


2 responses to “There are days…

  1. 幸福的女人最美丽 =)

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    hopefully yan! 🙂

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