I guess that’s true most times?

People who go that far down the cracked-out rabbit hole will always have a fucked-up side.

Came across this line a couple of minutes ago. The context of it all is simply that a person who has cheated once/had a fling once/taken drugs once/had some sort of a real vice once, will, well, always have that part in him or her.

Take cheating or having a fling for instance. Call me cynical, but I am really not surprised at Tiger Woods (not Jack Neo cos’ he was hitting on young girls. Shame on you!). It would have been more of a shocker if he’d been faithful? I’ve always maintained that true monogamy is not natural, but simply a social structure deemed necessary for the functioning of life.

Human beings can be attracted to one another easily enough, and you will always meet a better partner, at a better time. Lust, or simply the thrill of being with someone else is something that’s powerful enough to intoxicate most people. So when it comes to this area, I almost never judge because the person whom you are pointing fingers at and gossiping about, could very well be you if you were rich, powerful, and had access to plenty of alternative women or men, depending on which side you bat on.

And once, just this once, you give in to desire, and escape unscathed or get really screwed up and then survive the mess, it almost always will happen again.

So when people give comments on others, and their remarks go along the lines of  “he(or she) did it once, he will do it twice” or stuff like “he’s still young, he’s not commiting because he wants to play the field” or “C’mon, he is cute, earns a high salary and is in a job where he sees hot women all the time. Not husband-material”, I usually agree cos I’ve that little faith in the ability of most people (both men and women) to be truly faithful.

So when I do come across instances (and there are not-that-rare) of those who stay committed because they recognise responsibility, because of their strict moral beliefs, because there is true love, because they appreciate the joy of simplicity and constant companionship, I just can’t help but feel very happy:) Little signs of the beauty of living, I call it=).


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