That sums up my week.

I think this is the absolutely worst work week I’ve ever had. It’s terrible- a bad news, a sorry obligation, a couple of betrayals and a near show-down (my first ever in so many years of working life).

It was so bad I shed tears in the office. I haven’t cried at work…not since when I was doing relief teaching in er 2004?

A stranger (at least to me) who somehow knows who I am, saw that I was upset, informed my other colleague, who dropped me an sms in the wee hours of the night to ask me if I was ok.

This stranger, and this colleague, were about the only bright sparks in an otherwise traumatising week.

I am waiting to see if things will blow up further, and this feeling – an uneasy, queasy sort of anticipation – is one of the worst feelings to have.


2 responses to “Sucks

  1. sorry to hear that wanwan… n sorry for the late message of concern as I am having a shitty time at work too… but I guess in your industry, it is worse since they are much more “open” to discussions…. nonetheless, believe in what is right for you and know that you will get through… *hugs* hope things worked themselves out!

  2. aserendipitiouslife

    Hey yan, i am ok already…as in not that things are resolved, but no more being extremely upset. Hope things are ok on ur side too man…haiz. Take care!

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