Chicago, the Musical

Amidst all the stuff we’ve to do, we did catch Chicago. I have only watched a handful of Broadway musicals. Off the top of my head, they include… Les Misérables, Sound of Music, Mamma Mia and during my last New York trip, Phantom of the Opera.  They are usually executed perfectly and are just altogether impressive, but somehow they can be, I don’t know, cold and impersonal? I really liked Mamma Mia – it was great fun, and I so love Les Misérables  but Chicago is, like The Sound of Music and Phantom, perfect in technicality, but somewhat lacking in heart. That’s just me I suppose, since I’m no expert in appreciating musicals.

My favourite musicals, those which really moved me or made me think about them long after I step out of the theatre, are still in this order, Cabaret– not the Broadway version but the one by Toy Factory, Les Misérables and another local production starring Adrian Pang, A Twist of Fate.  The worst ones… are Forbidden City (I just found it terribly boring) and Dim Sum Dollies (the three of them were kinda irritating. I found their jokes too blatant, sometimes even familiar, and I recalled they couldn’t dance in sync).

In any case, I made two discoveries while at the Esplanade. Nothing earth-shaking but a) People were REALLY well-dressed. Men turned up in shirts/pants; women in pretty dresses. We were both in jeans haha b) a bottle of mineral water costs $4!!!! So expensive!!! So small!!!!

 The bottle which offended me, and my pretty nails! muahaha. I love French manicures!


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