We watch, watch, watch!

We spent the past two weekends holed up in the bedroom while the carpenters work their magic on the walls. I’m proud to say that we completed not one, not two, but five dvds! That’s pretty amazing considering that we’ve never sat through one before. I’ve always felt that watching a dvd ain’t quite the same as enjoying a flick in a theatre but I’m now a proud convert!

Some quick recommendations if anyone else’s idea of a great weekend is  like mine-  a trip to videoezy haha:

1) Funny People. The brainchild of Judd Apatow, who also gave us 40-year-old Virgin and Knocked Up. It is probably the most serious Apatow comedy I’ve seen, and I don’t know whether I should really classify it as such. To cut straight to the point, the film is about how comedians are the world’s most depressed people and the sacrifices they have to make to reach the top. It is a little draggy, features the f**k word every other minute, but it is witty, moving and features great performaces by Adam Sandler (I don’t care what they say, i love him), Leslie Mann and Seth Rogen (who is kinda attractive by the time I’m done watching hee).

2) Departures. A Japanese movie which won the Oscars for best foreign language film last year. The story focuses on Daigo, a failed cellist who goes back to his hometown and got a job as an encoffiner (first time I came across this word-a person who sends off the dead, hence the title of the film).  There really isn’t a climax, but it is classic Japanese: sweet, heartwarming, funny and most of all, subtle. Ryoko Hirosue plays Daigo’s wife, and that woman hasn’t aged a bit! I’ve never thought her as being stunning, just Jappy-cute: wide, innocent eyes, crooked teeth, adorable smile and great skin. The bf, however, thinks she is the highlight of the film haha.

3) Money No Enough 1 and 2.  No prizes for guessing these were the bf’s choices haha although I must say that these two films exceeded my expectations. Jack Neo has a penchance for over-the-top theatrics; some of the jokes are run-of-the-mill and his story plots are really quite juvenile. But he has a gift of capturing the little quirks of Singapore’s society and that’s how he strikes a chord and make us all laugh. His films also display keen observations of our grouses and fears. One thing though: Every time a remotely young and attractive actress makes her appearance, my mind starts to wander- did he hit on her too?! haha

4) Hurt Locker. Sharp dialogue, fantastic acting (Jeremy Renner was perfect as the reckless James), very tight scripting, directing and editing. Kathryn Bigelow deserved the Best Director award, but Best Picture? No, no, no. The emotions of the characters are well-fleshed out, but call me shallow, I just didn’t feel the film had much meaning or impact. The fact that it is the lowest-grossing film to ever win Best Picture is just another sign that Hurt Locker trumped Avatar because it is small-budget, deals with patriotism, has unknown actors, and all those things that the Academy likes. And I still can’t get over Bullock’s Best Actress win haha!


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